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Apologies if you are looking for STEM information, it will be posted by May 11th. I had some difficulties with accessing my web server. Thanks for your patience. Stay healthy --Gregg.

Slides from the software engineering talk at Stevens on October 3rd, 2015 can be found here. Current Stevens (prefaced with CS) and Penn (prefaced with CIS) sites reflect content for this term. This site also archives past stevens courses and courses from Penn's Executive Master's in Technology Management program, EMTM. All current and archived courses can be accessed from the left hand menu.

This web page not only supports the courses I teach at Stevens and Penn but also discusses, software engineering, Human Computer Interaction (HCI aka CHI) , rule based programming, Mac OS X, alife, my current reading, recommended books, my past talks, including my October 2010 NABIC talk, and other stuff I like (and dislike). If you are interested in my blogs, the oldest for past and present students (and anyone else), enter here and the newest on older hacker issues, but hopefully interesting to all ages, enter here.


You can checkout my resume, if you are interested in my professional career (revised September 2013).

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