Software Engineering Resources

This page consolidates resources and information about software engineering. Many of these sites have been used as sources for my classes on software engineering.

General Resources

No resource list on software engineering can be complete without mentioning the Software Engineering Institute, aka SEI. You can access the SEI web site here.

The US Military is also a great place to find software engineering resources. (At a later time I will try to provide some reviews of documents.) The Air Force has a Software Technology Support Center and you can access its on-line resources here.

For those of you that still read netnews (you can access it from google) there is a web site the summarizes some of the more general information on software engineering.


One of the first books on real architecture was by Vitruvius (see the blog entry "Real Architecture" at the software universe web log). The logo of 3 primary color circles with the words durability, utility and charm, is derived from a quote in his book. The book is fascinating and well worth reading. You can find it here.


I am in search for some public domain examples of requirements. In the interim, this paper in CrossTalk is a great start on what to do and not do.

Software Estimation

NASA has a great site on Software Estimation. You can find it here.

Recently some members of my software engineering class were interested in the evolution of software cost estimation models. A great resource for understanding and use parametric models of software cost estimation can be found here.

Configuration Management

If you are interested in learning about configuration management, one of the best resources I have found is CM Crossroads, the Configuration Community.

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