Gregg's Current (and past) Reading

This page lists current and previous books and noteworthy articles I am reading for professional reasons and for fun. Books listed in iitalics indicate current reading. Books in plain font indicate previous reading.

Professional Reading

Recreational Reading


A great pamphlet suggested by Larry Klaes is a White House publication, "Introduction to Outer Space". It is a scanned version, is short and is a fascinating read. The list of presidential scientific advisers is interesting.

Science Fiction

Most recent first!

  • Miller, Walter M., A Canticle for Leibowitz, HarperCollins, ISBN:0060892999. Originally published in novellas 1955-57, this is a fascinating work and an excellent example of post-apocalyptic novels. It has been sitting on my desk for years and I am sorry I did not read it earlier. Highly recommended - some of the best writing of the golden age of science fiction. It is unfortunate that Miller wrote so few novels. A classic. (7 July 2007)
  • Scalzi, John, Old Man's War, Tor, 2005, paperback, 0-765-34827-6. A great read! The writing of the first 2+ pages is worth the price of the book. The first in a trilogy and my first book from Scalzi. Just when I thought all the great new science fiction writers were coming from the UK, along comes Scalzi. As Jerry Pournelle , would remark, highly recommended!
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